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Provide training and education to future and current infantry unit leaders within an infantry battalion. The methodologies used are designed to put infantry unit leaders in situations that prepare them to assume the role of the commander in their absence. The course allows the students’ the ability to develop their decision-making and adaptive leadership skills by demonstrating them in a training environment. The desired end state is to develop the technical skills, tactical decision making and leadership of the student.

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To develop an infantry NCO that trains and leads their unit, in accordance with his commander's intent, across the Range of Military Operations (ROMO) with a bias for action that supports the Marine Corps maneuver warfare philosophy in a complex operating environment.

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Trained Items
  • Decision Making

  • METT-T Analysis

  • Assessing the problem/ situation

  • Developing the problem/ situation

  • Formulate a decision

  • Communicating the decision

  • Adapting to change

  • Conduct post combat actions

  • Understanding of MCDP 1 and MCDP 1-3

  • Fire Support Planning/Integration

  • Machinegun Employment

  • Mortar Employment

  • Assault Employment

  • Anti-Armor Employment

  • Patrolling 

  • Offensive Operations

  • Defensive Operations

  • Urban Operations

Duration: 6 Weeks

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To train a Marine in the knowledge and skills required of a Marine Scout serving in an Infantry Battalion. During this course, instruction focuses on the fundamentals of land navigation, observation, signature management, and operating within a Scout team. Marines will be evaluated on their ability to navigate with a map and compass, identify anomalies within a baseline, and infiltrate to, and observe and report on a specified objective. The course culminates with a comprehensive field exercise that introduces the Marine to all duties required of a Scout serving in an Infantry Battalion.

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Trained Items
  • Land Navigation
  • Surveillance/Observation
  • Reconnaissance Reporting
  • HF and VHF Communications
  • Scout Concealment and Signature Management
  • Terrain Models
  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance Patrolling

Students will run an IPA on the course convene date, this will consist of max pull-ups, push-ups, and plank, a 1.5 mile movement to contact, a 15k hike with 45 lbs, a double o-course, and a knowledge assessment on basic communications, hand and arm signals, weapon manipulations, land navigation, and a KIM’s game. Scout Course is very physically and mentally demanding, therefore students must arrive in a high state of physical fitness, mental clarity and with all required gear/equipment.

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