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Infantry Mortar Leader Course (IMLC) provides commissioned (2ndLt – Capt) and non-commissioned officers (Sgt – GySgt) with the knowledge to supervise and direct high angle fires from a mortar element to enable the United States Army and the Joint Force to prevail in Multi-Domain and Large Scale Combat Operations.

Week 1: MECHANICAL WEEK / BASIC FDC (FDC 1): You will receive hands on training with the 60MM, 81MM, and 120MM mortar systems. The beginning of this week mainly focuses on the M2A2 Aiming Circle, which you will learn and be tested on mount, level, reciprocal lay, and declination of the Aiming Circle on Wednesday. Thursday through Saturday will be Basic FDC Procedures on the M16 Plotting Board. You will learn and be tested on the Observed Firing Chart (Pivot-point and Below Pivot-point), Modified Observed Firing Chart (Grid, Shift from Known Point, Polar, Resection, Mark Center Sector), Safety diagram, Registration, Total Range Correction (Taught as a separation mission) and Re-Registration on the M16 Plotting Board.

Week 2: FDC 1 Cont. / ADVANCED FDC (FDC 2): Monday you will receive your last class on the M16 Plotting Board and then test out on Basic FDC Tuesday. The test is graded off the Computer’s Record. Wednesday is Fires Planning with a Practical Exercise, followed by Advanced FDC Procedures for the rest of the Week. You will learn and be tested on Search, Traverse, FPF, Immediate Suppression/Smoke, Quick Smoke, Illumination, Coordinated Illumination, Split Section, and Simultaneous missions on the M16 Plotting Board.

Week 3: ADVANCED FDC EXAM / DIGITAL: Monday morning is the Advanced FDC Exam, followed by the introduction to the M32 LHMBC in the afternoon. The Advanced FDC exam is graded off the Computer’s Record. You will learn and be tested on all the missions that were covered on the Plotting Board Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon you will receive a class on Mortar Tactics. Thursday is the Army’s Operational Order’s and Troop Leading Procedures. Friday begins the introduction to the Army’s Mortar Fire Control System (MFCS), which will cover every mission you have learned on the Plotting Board.

Week 4: DIGITAL / OPORD: Monday is the last day for MFCS. Tuesday is the MFCS Exam in the morning and the Army’s Mortar Qualifications in the afternoon. Wednesday is the continuation of Operational Orders and Troop Leading Procedures. Thursday morning is the Tactics Exam and, in the afternoon, you will learn about the Mortar Stowage Kit (MSK) trailer mounted mortar and RMS6-L Stryker. Both of which you will get hands on practical application time.  Friday you will receive a Battalion level Order and be given the weekend to come up with a Fires Plan that will be brief as a group the following week.

Week 5: FIRES PLANNING:  Monday is the ROC Drill and Tuesday is solely dedicated for any groups who have to brief their plan again. Wednesday is a 60MM, 81MM, and 120MM live fire where you will execute all tasks learned throughout the duration of the course.

All nominations must be routed through your units S3 chain of command for submission to the OccFld.
All Soldiers: Students will report to BLDG# 1670 (ABRAMS HALL), 7350 Ingersoll Road, Fort Benning, GA 31905 in the main lobby. The REPORTING DATE, for Soldiers with a confirmed ATRRS reservation, is the Sunday before the class start date from 1300hrs-1600hrs. Start Date at 0600 in Abrams Hall lobby for roll call. Students are required to bring two (2) copies of orders, or 1610 bringing them to the course, and a valid Military ID.

-(3) Copies of orders

-Gunners Examination

Contact the MARDET S-3 for rank waivers pertaining to this course. Rank waiver is required for any E4 wishing to attend the course.
IIF issued flak, kevlar, ear/eye pro, gortex (optional), warming layers (optional), enough skivvies to last (there is a laundry room you can use at the hotel), and two pairs of woodland utilities. MARSOC is not authorized to wear cryes during the field exercise.  You will need a protractor, map pens (permanent/super fine tip), magic erasers, mechanical pencils, note taking gear, overlay sheets, and a non-storing calculator for FDC operations.


Atlanta International Airport is approx 90 mins from Fort Benning and is approved in DTS as an authorized airport for travel to Fort Benning. 

Columbus airport is 25 mins from Fort Benning. This is a smaller airport and flights are limited in regards to arriving and departing. Ensurer your flight arrives on time per the prescribed airborne check-in time. 

Rental Car:

Rental cars are limited at Columbus Airport and only operate during standard business hours. Atlanta International Airport has a greater supply of rental cars and operates 24/7.

Lodging is not provided by the course. Students attending the course should book their lodging at Abrams Hall (Holiday Inn) Building 1670, 7350 Ingersoll Road. In the event no space is available students should ask for a letter of non-availability and book a location in the surrounding area.
All students (graduates & drops) will be met by a representative of the MARDET representative immediately after graduation/dismissal to receive detaching orders. This paperwork is required to settle your travel claim. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT THESE ORDERS.

Operations Officer:

Office: 706-545-7400

Operations Chief:

Office: 706-545-7400

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