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The Combat Instructors of Infantry Training Battalion train, coach, and qualify entry-level Marines in infantry military occupation specialties (MOS) in order to provide infantry Marines with the skills to support force generation and Fleet Marine Force (FMF) requirements to fight and win in current and future operating environments.


During Working Hours

Infantry Training Battalion Operations
(910) 449-0384

After Working Hours

Infantry Training Battalion Officer of the Day
(910) 238-9833


Rank, Last Name, First Name, M.I.
Infantry Training Battalion
School of Infantry-East
PSC Box 20161
Camp Lejeune, NC 28542-0161


All personnel reporting to the School of Infantry for permanent assignment, either PCS or PCA, report directly to S1 Administration Office in Ivy Hall, building G-644, second deck, room 260.

After working hours, Marines will report in person to the Officer of the Day (OOD) located on the first deck of Ivy Hall, utilizing the front entrance.


During Working Hours
S-1 Administration
(910) 449-2084

After Working Hours
Officer of the Day
(910) 449-0179


On Base
Marines can visit the Camp Lejeune Visitor Center located at the Wilson Gate
(910) 450-0283

Off Base Accommodations
Marines can access information on accommodations in Onslow County following the link below:

Moving to Area
Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce (


This page provides specific information for students reporting to Infantry Training Battalion (Infantry, Marine Security Guard, and Marine Security Forces contract Marines). For all other students reporting to Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT), please click this link >Entry Level Students to find specific locations and reporting instructions.

Your original orders may state building G-644 as your report in location.  This is not correct and we are working to get it fixed.  ITB students will report in at BUILDING G-702 to their ITB SDO. Telephone: (910) 449-0235

REPORT to SOI-E immediately upon arriving to Jacksonville or the surrounding area. Report in no later than the date and time on your original orders.  It is strongly advised to check in between 0730 and 1600, which are normal working hours.  This will ensure you are taken care of promptly.

YOU STRONGLY ADVISED NOT TO book a hotel room as you will not be reimbursed for this expense.  Infantry Training Battalion staff will be available during normal working hours (0730 to 1600) and after working hours for you to report in.



**** We understand that some Marines are not being issued their Service A Coat while in Recruit Training. For Marines who were not issued a Service A coat, please report in the Service B Uniform.**** Please refer to MARADMIN 596/23 for guidance on when you will be issued your remaining uniforms.

Use this reference to prepare your uniform correctly: MCO 1020.34H Uniform Regulations



The School of Infantry-East (SOI-E) is located aboard Camp Geiger in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  Camp Geiger is co-located with Marine Corps Air Station New River and both share the same front gate.


The airport you will be flying in to is the ALBERT J. ELLIS (OAJ) airport located in Jacksonville, North Carolina, which is about 16 miles northwest from Camp Geiger.  Once you have off-loaded go directly to baggage claim and pick up all of your bags.

Ellis Airport Website


The bus station is located at 2434 ONSLOW DR., JACKSONVILLE, NC, and it is located approximately 4 miles from Camp Geiger.

Greyhound Bus Transportation Website


A family member may transport you to your check-in location, but they are not allowed to remain on base once they drop you off.  

You are not allowed to obtain or operate a POV at any time during your training at Infantry Training Battalion.


Taxis are available at Ellis airport and the Grey Hound Bus Station.  Taxi fare is approximately $20-30 from the bus station and $35-$40 from the airport.  You can carpool with other Marines reporting in to SOI-E.  Make sure to keep your taxi fare receipt as you will be reimbursed at a later time.  The following taxi companies have base access:

•  Carolina Bass Taxi: (910) 336-1277

•  King Cab: (910) 557-5464

•  On-Time Taxi: (910) 939-4854

•  Papa's Joe Taxi: (910) 353-0365

•  Prestige Taxi: (910) 545-6277

•  New Liberty Cab: (910) 939-4979

•  Tarheel Taxi Cab: (910) 938-8989

•  Titan Taxi: (910) 347-5757

•  Yellow Cab Company: (910) 353-1111

graduation and family day

Parents, family members, and friends are invited to attend Family Day the day prior to graduation, as well as Graduation for your Infantry Marines. At the start of each Infantry Marine Course and Infantry Weapons Course, your Marine will be given information on how to request a sponsor to get base access. All requests will be validated in the Marine Corps Installations-East IARA Website by a member of the Training Company Staff 30 days prior to graduation. 


IMC 6-24 D 5 February 2024 16 May 2024
IMC 7-24 E 26 February 2024 6 June 2024
IMC 8-24 A 18 March 2024 27 June 2024
IMC 9-24 B 15 April 2024 25 July 2024
IMC 10-24 C 13 May 2024 22 August 2024
IMC 11-24 D 10 June 2024 19 September 2024
IMC 12-24 E 8 July 2024 10 October 2024
IMC 13-24 A 29 July 2024 17 October 2024
IMC 14-24 B 19 August 2024 7 November 2024
IMC 15-24 C 23 September 2024 12 December 2024
IMC 1-25 D 7 October 2024 9 January 2025
IMC 2-25 E 4 November 2024 6 February 2025
IMC 3-25 A 18 November 2024 20 February 2025
IMC 4-25 B 2 December 2024 6 March 2025
IMC 5-25 C 6 January 2025 27 March 2025
IMC 6-25 D 3 February 2025 24 April 2025
IMC 7-25 E 3 March 2025 22 May 2025
IMC 8-25 A 24 March 2025 12 June 2025
IMC 9-25 B 7 April 2025 26 June 2025
IMC 10-25 C 5 May 2025 24 July 2025
IMC 11-25 D 2 June 2025 21 August 2025
IMC 12-25 E 23 June 2025 11 September 2025
IMC 13-25 A 14 July 2025 2 October 2025
IMC 14-25 B 4 August 2025 23 October 2025
IMC 15-25 C 18 August 2025 6 November 2025
IMC 16-25 D 22 September 2025 11 December 2025


IWC 5-24 C 18 April 2024 21 May 2024
IWC 6-24 D 16 May 2024 14 June 2024
IWC 9-24 B 25 July 2024 27 August 2024
IWC 10-24 C 29 August 2024 1 October 2024
IWC 11-24 D 3 October 2024 5 November 2024
IWC 14-24 B 7 Novemebr 2024 10 December 2024
IWC 1-25 D 9 January 2025 11 February 2025
IWC 3-25 A 20 February 2025 25 March 2025
IWC 5-25 C 27 March 2025 29 April 2025
IWC 6-25 D 1 May 2025 3 June 2025
IWC 8-25 A 12 June 2025 15 July 2025
IWC 10-25 C 24 July 2025 26 August 2025
IWC 11-25 D 28 August 2025 30 September 2025

Students attending the Infantry Marine Course generally have liberty on the weekends. In observance of federal holidays, Marines may receive a 3-day or 4-day liberty period. During these weekends, Marines are afforded the opportunity to request special liberty, and families are encouraged to come visit their Marines during holiday weekends. The holiday schedule below may be subject to change by training companies to facilitate required training events. Please ask your Marine to confirm dates and times and request special liberty before making travel plans. The following guidelines will apply:



The Marine must sign out with their spouse or an immediate, adult family member. We ask that the family member be present to sign their Marine out on liberty and back in from liberty.



Marines must stay within 60 road miles of Marine Corps Air Station New River. This is to ensure your Marines can safely and quickly return with minimal delays in the event of an emergency or recall. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of travel delays that could potentially cause your Marine to miss required training. Please help us set your Marines up for success by staying within the 60-mile limit. The below locations are all nice options with available hotels or short-term rentals:

                -Wilmington, NC

                -Surf City, NC

                -Sneads Ferry, NC

                -North Topsail Beach, NC

                -Swansboro, NC

                -Emerald Isle, NC

                -Morehead City, NC

                -Atlantic Beach, NC

                -New Bern, NC



Generally, Infantry Training Battalion follows the Marine Corps Installations-East Liberty Schedule. However, dates and times are subject to change in order to meet course training requirements. Please ask your Marine to confirm dates and times and request special liberty before making travel plans.



Memorial Day: Saturday, 25 May 2024 - Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Juneteenth: Tuesday, 18 June 2024 - Thursday, 20 June 2024

Independence Day: Thursday, 4 July 2024 - Sunday, 7 July 2024

Labor Day: Saturday, 31 august 2024 - Tuesday, 3 September 2024

Columbus Day: Saturday, 12 October 2024 - Tuesday, 15 October 2024

Veteran's Day: Saturday, 9 November 2024 - Tuesday, 12 November 2024

Thanksgiving: Thursday, 28 Nov 2024 - Saturday, 1 December 2024

Christmas and New Years Day: Infantry Training Battalion is dilligently working to assess the impacts of mid-week holidays on the program of instruction. The Christmas and New Years Day liberty plan will be published soon.

7 August 1941: North Carolina tobacco fields were purchased from local farmers for the purpose of training the 1st Marine Division, based in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to execute strategic war plans associated with the “Island Hopping Campaign” in the Pacific theater. Departing from “tent camp,” a year later, the 1st Marine Division assaulted the island of Guadalcanal. By order of the Commandant of the Marine Corps on 8 January 1952, the name “Tent Camp" was changed to “Camp Geiger” in honor of Lieutenant General Roy Stanley Geiger. Lieutenant General Geiger was a pioneering Marine aviator who commanded the I and III Amphibious Corps, and the 10th Army, during World War II.

1953: “Infantry Training Regiments” are established at Camp Geiger, North Carolina and Camp Pendleton, California. Marines begin the “Combat Apprenticeship Program” receiving individual combat training under the instruction of World War II and Korean War veterans.

February 1961: The Infantry Training Regiment at Camp Geiger implements a new training program of instruction. Marines receive an increase in night training, increased weapons instruction, and an increase in practical application in all training phases. The syllabus consisted of 18 training days with 171.5 hours of instruction.

1962: During this period, 22,760 Marines graduated from the 1st Infantry Training Regiment located at Camp Geiger, North Carolina. During this training year, $124 was spent on ammunition on each Marine; in addition to each Marine firing 400 M1 rifle rounds in a simulated combat environment, each Marine fired Browning Automatic Rifles, threw numerous hand grenades, fired numerous 3.5-inch rockets, and learned to operate and employ flamethrowers.

1967: Marines holding a non-infantry MOS receive “Individual Combat Training” (ICT). Infantry military occupational specialty (MOS) Marines receive 20 days of instruction in basic infantry skills with 1st Battalion, Infantry Training Regiment at Camp Geiger. Non-infantry MOS Marines receive 13 days of ICT with 2d Battalion, Infantry Training Regiment at Camp Geiger. From there the Marines enter “Basic Specialty Training” (BST) in their MOS. Prior to this period, all Marines received the same infantry training.

November 1972: 1st Infantry Training Regiment at Camp Geiger is re-designated as the “1st Infantry Training Detachment”.

1975: Marines holding a non-infantry MOS no longer receive advanced infantry training. These Marines proceed directly to their formal school for training or to a unit for on-the-job training (OJT).

August 1978: The 1st Infantry Training Detachment is deactivated and reactivated as “Infantry Training Company,” Headquarters Battalion, 2d Marine Division.

October 1979: Command of the Infantry Training Company was transferred from 2d Marine Division to Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, where it was designated a formal school and renamed “Infantry Training School.”

1983: Student input at Infantry Training School reaches 6000 Marines trained; the highest number since the change in 1975.

June 1984: Infantry Training School increases its curriculum from four weeks to six weeks. This increase is due to Fleet Marine Force (FMF) restructure and improved weapons technology. The training focused on increased weapons training and upgrading individual and small unit level tactical skills.

April 1987: Infantry Training School is redesignated as the “School of Infantry” (SOI). During this period, the “Advance Infantry Training Company” is formally assigned to the command of SOI for the purpose of training Marines in advanced infantry skills and weapons systems.

October 1988: The School of Infantry (SOI) institutes “Marine Battle Skills” Training and “Marine Combat Training Battalion” (MCT) for the purpose of training male Marines, regardless of MOS, in infantry skills. Immediately after 10 days of leave from recruit training, 28 days of training at MCT is conducted. The following units falls under the SOI command structure: Infantry Training Battalion (ITB), Advanced Infantry Training Company (AITC), and Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT).

December 1993: The School of Infantry transitions to the dual-track training concept; infantry designated Marines proceed directly to Infantry Training Battalion. Marines that have not been designated with the infantry MOS report to Marine Combat Training Battalion.

October 2000: The School of Infantry is reassigned to the newly established Training and Educational Command (TECOM), located in Quantico, Virginia.

October 2007: Due to the increase of the size of the Marine Corps to 202,000, an additional company was added to Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT Bn) and the Infantry Training Battalion (ITB).

July 2021: In concert with the 38th Commandant's Planning Guidance and Force Design 2030, Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) begins implementing the Infantry Marine Course. The Infantry Marine Course expands the curriculum from 9 weeks to 14 weeks. The new curriculum focuses on creating multi-disciplinary Marines capable of operating across the range of military operations in current and future operating environments. By January 2023, Infantry Training Battalion has fully transitioned to the new program of instruction.

Infantry Training Battalion Leaders

Commanding Officer
Infantry Training Battalion

Lieutenant Colonel Ferguson was born in Bakersfield, California and is a graduate of Embry Riddle

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Sergeant Major
Infantry Training Battalion

Sergeant Major Ramga enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on 31 July 1997 on the Delayed Entry

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