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1st Battalion, 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment trains Paratroopers in order to provide the Department of Defense with Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines to conduct airborne operations anywhere DOD-wide, forge the Paratrooper spirit in the junior leadership of the DOD and to provide a world-class quality of life for our Soldiers, Civilians, and Army Families.

Marines in a Jump BIC:

Have your S-3 contact your OccFld Sponsor directly for registration. 

Marines not in a Jump BIC:

Contact MARDET S-3 for feasibility of attendance. 

All Marines and Sailors will meet with the Marine Liaison Friday between 1200-1600 for in-processing located at 7480 Riordan Street Bldg. 2768.  If you are going to arrive after 1600 you will report to the 1-507th HQ, Bldg. 2747 located at 7481 Riordan Street.  If arriving after 1600 you need to let the Marine Liaison know prior to arriving.  Check in with the 1-507th Staff duty and sign the ATRRS roster. The Staff Duty will direct students E-6 and below to the training company for billeting.

All Marines and Sailors arriving after hours who have contacted the Marine Liaison will be processed into airborne school on Sunday.  Showtime on Sunday is 1230 located at 7480 Riordan Street Bldg. 2768.  All Marines and Sailors will report in the appropriate utility uniform and have a regulation haircut. IAW the Basic Airborne Course SOP (BACSOP) no facial hair of any kind is authorized while a student.

Orders must be fully funded and endorsed in block 18 of DD form 1610. Must have school reservation in MCTIMS/ATRRS (No exceptions). Medical and Dental records ARE NOT needed. Only 1 copy of DD Form 2808 is required.


1 Copy of your physical (DD Form 2808) MUST STATE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: QUALIFIED FOR AIRBORNE, SO, NSW, DIVE, RANGER, OR MFF in one of the following blocks: 15C, 74A, 77 or 78. DD Form 2808 must have been completed within 2 years of report date.

BIC Waiver

-BIC waivers are currently not being accepted for FY23 classes. Notification for feasibility for FY24 will be given on 1 Oct. 

Medical Waivers

Navy and Marine Corps Medical Waivers will be submitted directly to NLT 90 days prior to attending the course.  Students cannot attend with a Navy BUMED waiver unless MCoE has approved them and the student had the approved MCoE waiver.  For waiver processing and requirements please go to

Medical Waiver must include the following:

DD Form 2870

Airborne Physical documented on DD Form 2808 and 2807.

Gear List

2 sets of Woodland MCCUUs (minimum)

Marine Corps running suit OR green sweat top and bottom

2 pair Marine Corps issued boots (unit-issue boots are not authorized)

Woodland MCCUU Gortex Jacket (or Navy equivalent)

6 green T-shirts (no unit logo - under armor shirts are not authorized)

6 pair boot socks

6 pair white socks (covering the ankle bone) (no logos, brands, stripes etc.)

2 MCMAP belts (web belt may be worn)

2 covers

combination padlocks

1 serviceable military ID card

2 pair ID tags with chain - no silencers or 550 cord

1 pair running shoes (no 5 toed shoes)

2 pair issued eyeglasses (if required) with retainer band *contacts are not authorized*


Recommended: 1 qt. OD green military issued canteen

Cold weather uniform items-Oct through Mar


CIF issued tan watch cap

Black or tan gloves

USMC issued poly-pro top or warming layer (such as green USMC sweat top)


Blue Sweats

Black watch cap

Black gloves with green liners

Field Jacket

US Navy personnel specific gear

2 sets of PT Gear - gold T-shirts and blue shorts only

Navy personnel serving in FMF may wear Marine Corps woodland/desert MCCUU and tan boots (Use proper Navy PT gear or Marine green on green for PT gear)


Atlanta International Airport is approx 90 mins from Fort Benning and is approved in DTS as an authorized airport for travel to Fort Benning. 

Columbus airport is 25 mins from Fort Benning. This is a smaller airport and flights are limited in regards to arriving and departing. Ensure your flight arrives on time per the prescribed airborne check-in time. 

Rental Car:

Rental cars are limited at Columbus Airport and only operate during standard business hours. Atlanta International Airport has a greater supply of rental cars and operates 24/7.

E-6 and below are billeted in the Airborne barracks WITHOUT EXCEPTION. E-7 and above are billeted in Abrams Hall (BOQ/BEQ). Messing is provided for all ranks at no cost. Orders must state “Government messing is provided” and “Attendance at Basic Airborne School” in block 16.

Reservations for Officers and E-7 and above can be made at Abram Hall by calling 706-689-0067 ext. 2800 or online at If unavailable, the BEQ/BOQ will issue you a statement of non-availability. If you are an E-7 and above a rental car is highly encouraged due to the distance between BEQ/BOQ/off post lodging and the school, but must be unit funded.

All students (graduates & drops) will be met by a representative of the MARDET representative immediately after graduation/dismissal to receive detaching orders. This paperwork is required to settle your travel claim. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT THESE ORDERS.

Operations Officer:

Capt Michael Olivarez

Office: 706-545-7400

Operations Chief:

Office: 706-545-7400

Airborne LNO:

Office: 706-545-7400

Ground Week: During Ground Week, you begin an intensive program of instruction to build individual airborne skills, which will prepare you to make a parachute jump, and land safely. You will train on the mock door, the 34 foot (10 m) tower, and the lateral drift apparatus (LDA). To go forward to Tower Training Week, you must individually qualify on the 34 foot (10 m) tower, the LDA, and pass all PT requirements.

Tower Week: The individual skills learned during Ground Week are refined during Tower Week and team effort or "mass exit" concept is added to the training. The apparati used this week are the 34-foot towers, the swing landing trainer (SLT), the mock door for mass exit training, the suspended harness, and the 250-foot (76 m) free tower. Tower Week completes your individual skill training and builds team effort skills. To go forward to Jump Training Week you must qualify on the SLT, master the mass exit procedures from the 34-foot (10 m) tower, and pass all PT requirements.

Jump Week: During Jump Week students must successfully complete five parachute jumps with the T-11 parachute at 1,250 feet from a C-130 or C-17 aircraft. Trainees must run to the air field each day, conduct sustained airborne training, and then don their equipment and await their turn to jump. Prior to jumping their combat equipment each student will conduct a rigging exercise with their instructor to show them the proper rigging of their Airborne Combat Equipment. Generally, two of the jumps are "combat equipment jumps", in which the jumper carries a Molle ruck with MAWC (Modular Airborne Weapons Case), and a dummy weapon. Three jumps are "Hollywood", in that the jumper only wears the parachute and reserve. The last jump will culminate combining the combat equipment with a night jump giving the student a complete understanding of a night combat equipment jump.

Graduation is normally conducted at 0900 during the summer months and 1100 during the winter months on Friday of Jump Week at the south end of Eubanks Field on the Airborne Walk. However, if weather or some other reason delays the scheduled jumps, graduation may be conducted on Fryar Drop Zone (DZ) one hour after the last jump hits the ground.

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