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Fort Moore, Georgia


Our mission is to train select noncommissioned officers to advise and assist unit leaders in the planning and implementation of direct fire gunnery training and the integration of weapon platforms (RWS, ATGM, MGS) within the SBCT, and to produce Master Gunner graduates who can train unit combat vehicle crews in techniques and procedures to engage the full capability of their weapon platforms in precision direct fire engagements, and who support unit level maintenance on Stryker Variant vehicle's fire control and weapon systems.

Stryker Master Gunner is taught in 39 days. The curriculum focuses on the following training areas:

Weapon System Technology: Trains students to perform diagnostic maintenance procedures used to identify, troubleshoot, and repair complex malfunctions at the unit level that occur in the weapon and fire control systems of Stryker Variants: M1256 ICVV, M1134 ATGM, and XM1304 ICVVA1-30MM vehicles to develop baseline data used in the analysis of weapons function.

Gunnery Training: Plans, Prepares and Implements training on the techniques and procedures to fully integrate the weapons and fire control systems' capabilities, under normal and unusual conditions. Trains advanced gunnery methodology, doctrinal, and technical procedures needed to assess Stryker Variant proficiency in Echelon 1: Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise (CALFEX), Echelon 2: Section/Platoon Gunnery, and Echelon 3: Crew Gunnery. Provides training on identified procedural errors to increase a crew's ability to operate weapons systems to its designed capabilities.

Gunnery Training Management: In accordance with FM 7-0, Training management principles; and the Integrated Weapons Training Strategy (IWTS) TC 3-20 series; trains students how to assess a unit gunnery program and inform the commander of trends in strengths and weaknesses.

Marines from the Assault Amphibian community will submit their nomination to their OccFld Sponsor for registration. 
All students will report on travel day (usually the day before reporting) from 0900-1600 hours for in-processing. This means you will arrive to the hotel and give a telephonic up via text message to SFC Wilson (Course Chief) at (337) 254-6191 as to your arrival to Fort Moore, Georgia. Report day, you will arrive to the class located at Long Hall, BLDG 5210, Fort Benning, GA. 31905 at 0800 hours.

Students are required to bring (3) copies of their orders, command endorsement letter, and a copy of their MGCC graduation certificate.

No waiver is needed for this course. 

The following items are required for attendance to the course:


-Assault Pack

-Ear Pro

-Eye Pro

-Complete sleeping system

-Wet weather bag


-Toiletries (Razors, baby wipes etc)

-Camel Back and canteens


-3 sets of woodlands


Atlanta International Airport is approx 90 mins from Fort Benning and is approved in DTS as an authorized airport for travel to Fort Benning. 

Columbus airport is 25 mins from Fort Benning. This is a smaller airport and flights are limited in regards to arriving and departing. Ensurer your flight arrives on time per the prescribed airborne check-in time. 

Rental Car:

Rental cars are limited at Columbus Airport and only operate during standard business hours. Atlanta International Airport has a greater supply of rental cars and operates 24/7.

Lodging is not provided by the course. Students attending the course should book their lodging at Abrams Hall (Holiday Inn) Building 1670, 7350 Ingersoll Road. In the event no space is available students should ask for a letter of non-availability and book a location in the surrounding area.
All students (graduates & drops) will be met by a representative of the MARDET representative immediately after graduation/dismissal to receive detaching orders. This paperwork is required to settle your travel claim. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT THESE ORDERS.

Operations Officer:

Office: 706-545-7400

Operations Chief:

Office: 706-545-7400

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