Master Gunner Common Core
Master Gunner Common Core
Fort Moore, Georgia


To train noncommissioned officers on advanced universal gunnery methodologies, gunnery training with a focus on vehicle mounted machine gun weapons systems, and the planning and implementation of gunnery training programs.

Phase Scope: Master Gunner Common Core is taught in 20 days in four modules:

DIRECT FIRE AND WEAPONS TRAINING: Trains the direct fire engagement progress to provide a standardized method of engagement for weapons and platforms on the battlefield. This method allows Soldiers and leaders to maximize the effects of lethal fires against the enemy while reducing or eliminating the effects of fires on friendly or neutral personnel, equipment, or facilities. Trains maintenance procedures used to identify and troubleshoot complex malfunctions that occur during the firing of the M240 series and M2 machine guns.

AMMUNITION AND BALLISTICS: Trains the ability to identify, classify, and forecast direct fire ammunitions that will enable Soldiers to manage ammunition allotments and training requirements at the Battalion level. Trains atmospheric effects on rounds due to nonstandard conditions to increase probability of first round impacts on target. Discusses lethality capabilities of all current and future ammunitions against various enemy threats encountered in the operational environment. Develops surface danger zones and verifies live fire training is being conducted IAW Installation and DOD regulations.

GUNNERY TRAINING MANAGEMENT: Develops gunnery programs that sustain and improve unit gunnery proficiency training based on the Commander’s intent and the Commander’s assessment of unit’s strong and weak areas. The Gunnery Program provides supervised decentralized training to include but not limited to key collective tasks, Warfighting Skills, preliminary gunnery training and integration of training devices and simulations, individual and crew-served weapon training and qualification. The emphasis on gunnery standards focuses a unit’s direct fire lethality in combat operations to build and maintain ready units conducting unified land operations for Combatant Commanders as outlined in ADP 7-0.

UNIT TRAINING PLAN: Develops a mounted machine gun company-level unit training plan. Soldiers conduct in-progress reviews throughout the course to ensure they are covering all resources and prerequisites required for a crew qualification. The course culminates with a briefing of the unit training plan they designed to a panel of simulated Battalion staff.

Marines from the Assault Amphibian community will submit their nomination to their OccFld Sponsor for registration. Any Marines from the Infantry Battalions wishing to attend this course must contact the MARDET OpsO for feasibility.
On the first day of the course, all students will report to Long Hall, Building 5210 at 0700 

-(3) copies of your orders

-Personal Data sheet (You will receive this in your welcome letter)

No waiver is needed for this course. 
No gear is needed for this course. 


Atlanta International Airport is approx 90 mins from Fort Benning and is approved in DTS as an authorized airport for travel to Fort Benning. 

Columbus airport is 25 mins from Fort Benning. This is a smaller airport and flights are limited in regards to arriving and departing. Ensurer your flight arrives on time per the prescribed airborne check-in time. 

Rental Car:

Rental cars are limited at Columbus Airport and only operate during standard business hours. Atlanta International Airport has a greater supply of rental cars and operates 24/7.

Lodging is not provided by the course. Students attending the course should book their lodging at Abrams Hall (Holiday Inn) Building 1670, 7350 Ingersoll Road. In the event no space is available students should ask for a letter of non-availability and book a location in the surrounding area.
All students (graduates & drops) will be met by a representative of the MARDET representative immediately after graduation/dismissal to receive detaching orders. This paperwork is required to settle your travel claim. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT THESE ORDERS.

Operations Officer:

Office: 706-545-7400

Operations Chief:

Office: 706-545-7400

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