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Scout Leader Course (SLC) trains Reconnaissance and Security (R&S) Leaders to develop advanced skills of R&S, a better understanding of the Commander’s information requirements, how to communicate battlefield information timely and accurately, and methods to employ supporting assets while maneuvering a scout platoon in a combined arms formation.

Scout Leaders course is a four week resident course focused on developing platoon level leadership on the tactical employment principles and techniques for all scout platoons in the Armored brigade combat team, the Infantry brigade combat team (mounted and dismounted), and the Stryker Brigade combat team. Learning Activities focus development on the following areas: Role and capabilities of the Scout Platoon; Application of Troop Leading Procedures while planning for and executing Reconnaissance and Security Tasks, Reconnaissance Planning Considerations; Commander's Reconnaissance and Security Guidance; Select Scout skills and key tasks critical to successful completion of the mission (E.G. First order of impact) and execution of Scout Battle Tasks. Each block of instruction builds on the previous, where the Scout Leaders' understanding of the course material is immediately applied in a practical exercise and culminates in an evaluated field training exercise where students execute forms of reconnaissance and security missions.

-Exercises the principles of Mission Command.

-Displays a higher degree of knowledge and skill at Reconnaissance, Security, Navigation, Communications, Reporting and Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB).

-Is proficient at the planning and execution of reconnaissance and security tasks while applying the seven fundamentals of reconnaissance.

-Is proficient at the planning and execution of security tasks while applying the five fundamentals of security.

Have you unit S-3 contact the LAR OccFld Sponsor for registration. In the event you are unable to get a hold of the OccFld Sponsor please email the S3 Operations Officer. 
Students will report for in-processing to the front of Patton Hall (by the M60), Building 5145, Harmony Church, on the installation at 0500 on Day 1 in their service's physical training uniform. Students will bring: duty uniform, copy of their latest PFT/CFT scorecard and HEIGHT/WEIGHT Form.

Marines will need (3) copies of their orders and a copy of the PFT and CFT NAVMC form. 

Contact the MARDET S-3 for any rank waivers needed in the event a unit wishes to send an E4 to this course. 


Atlanta International Airport is approx 90 mins from Fort Benning and is approved in DTS as an authorized airport for travel to Fort Benning. 

Columbus airport is 25 mins from Fort Benning. This is a smaller airport and flights are limited in regards to arriving and departing. Ensurer your flight arrives on time per the prescribed airborne check-in time. 

Rental Car:

Rental cars are limited at Columbus Airport and only operate during standard business hours. Atlanta International Airport has a greater supply of rental cars and operates 24/7.

Lodging is not provided by the course. Students attending the course should book their lodging at Abrams Hall (Holiday Inn) Building 1670, 7350 Ingersoll Road. In the event no space is available students should ask for a letter of non-availability and book a location in the surrounding area.
All students (graduates & drops) will be met by a representative of the MARDET representative immediately after graduation/dismissal to receive detaching orders. This paperwork is required to settle your travel claim. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT THESE ORDERS.

Operations Officer:

Office: 706-545-7400

Operations Chief:

Office: 706-545-7400

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